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Get Your Building Permit in Time for Spring Renovations

Local government | March 17, 2016

Planning a new deck or other home renovation project this season? The City of Mississauga reminds residents that the Ontario Building Code requires building permits for a range of projects before construction can begin.


By obtaining a building permit in Mississauga, homeowners, designers and contractors have access to the professional expertise of the City’s Building Division staff for assistance with design and construction issues.


“The City of Mississauga is here to help with any building project,” says Ezio Savini, Director, Building Division. “Contacting the City before starting a project can help save time and money, while ensuring the project meets all legal and zoning requirements.”


Typically, the designer or contractor will obtain the building permit. However, it is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that a building permit is obtained when required and that the construction complies with all regulations and by-laws.  City staff can guide homeowners through the process to ensure that construction and demolition projects in Mississauga meet the standards and requirements set out in the Ontario Building Code.


Building permits ensure that local zoning by-laws, safety standards and other applicable guidelines are met. Construction regulations dictate what types of construction are allowed in the community and make certain that projects meet minimum building standards to protect the life, health and safety of the building’s occupants.


Obtaining a building permit in the City is now easier and more convenient since the launch of ePlans, an innovative online electronic submission process. Customers can now submit building permit applications electronically 24/7 from anywhere using plans.


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