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Green Packs for Kids – Where Eco-sense and Reading Meet

Environment | May 26, 2014

The Mississauga Library and the Environment Division launched a five-month pilot project, Green Packs, introducing environmentally themed backpacks for children grades one to four.

“The Green Packs focus on important environmental issues studied by elementary students in Ontario such as climate change, recycling, and energy,” said Brenda Osborne, Director, Environment. “Education is key to helping children develop a life-long interest in the environment.”

The pilot program is a new initiative for both the Mississauga Library and the Environment Division. Each backpack features a variety of books, activity sheets and other fun materials for children.

“Green Packs are only available at the Mississauga Central Library and can be borrowed for three weeks at a time,” said Rose Vespa, Director, Library Services.

“It’s about offering convenient, ready for pick-up backpacks that make learning about the environment fun for children.” – Rose Vespa, Director, Library Services

The success of the pilot program will be evaluated based on the circulation statistics and feedback from users. If it is successful, the Mississauga Library and the Environment Division will work together to expand the program to the other 17 Mississauga libraries starting in 2015.

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The Green Packs pilot project is a partnership between the City of Mississauga Library and the Environment Division. The pilot program speaks to Action 42 of the City’s Living Green Master Plan, directing the City to develop a public education campaign encouraging community action in priority areas. The cost of the pilot project is approximately $1,000 and is funded by the Friends of the Mississauga Library System.


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