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Local Winter Activities to get through February

Entertainment and activities | February 6, 2020

We’ve compiled the perfect blend of outdoor and indoor activities to make the best out of the winter season.

Grab your sled
There’s no better way to enjoy some old-fashioned winter fun than sliding down one of Mississauga’s toboggan hills!

There are six public toboggan hills you can enjoy every winter season from December to March (weather dependent):

View a map Mississauga’s designated tobogganing locations.

Lace-up your skates
Drop-in and skate with family and friends at an arena in your neighbourhood. There are many types of drop-in programs from fun skates to shinny or cardio skates! View the full schedule here.

Stomp your way through snowy trails
Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new places to explore, snowshoeing is the perfect blend of adventure and fitness! Bonus: Mississauga has quite a few trails to snowshoe on – like The Riverwood Conservancy!

Learn to play hockey
Still thinking about that New Year’s resolution? Why not try learning one of Canada’s greatest winter sports! The City of Mississauga offers registered programs, like hockey, where experienced instructors will introduce you to the game and rules. Register on

Hit the exhibits
Lost for date plans or need to catch up with friends? Get out of the house and beat those winter blahs by supporting community activities – like catching a local exhibit or enjoying Family Day at Celebration Square! More on


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