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Make a Splash this Summer with Mississauga’s Water Activities

Entertainment and activities | August 9, 2022

One of the perks of living in Mississauga is having access to our incredible waterfront! If you love the outdoors and a warm lake breeze, Mississauga is the place to be. Here is a list of activities to help you keep cool – no air conditioning needed.

Visit a local beach – no passports required
Apply your sunscreen, pack a towel and get away without leaving the city. Mississauga is home to local beaches such as Jack Darling Memorial Park, Richard’s Memorial Park, Lakeside Park and Lakefront Promenade Park. With rising temperatures in the forecast, be sure to soak in the views of Lake Ontario, dip your feet in the water and get your tan on.

Summer is floating by, don’t forget to swim
Take advantage of a variety of lane, leisure and fun swims seven days a week at a range of indoor and outdoor pools. Register for swimming lessons or drop in for a water exercise class.

Therapeutic pools
Select from a variety of exercise and therapeutic programs available at our pools designed for all ages, skill levels and abilities. These programs enable individuals to participate in safe, inclusive and appropriate activities led by certified instructors.

There’s more to come
In addition to the City’s current water activities, Lakeview Village plans to bring more residents and visitors to Mississauga’s revitalized waterfront in the future. When the community comes to life, Lakeview Village will offer the chance to try water activities which could include kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing and more. It will also feature the longest Canadian pier on the Great Lakes. Visit the Lakeview Village site for updates.

Make a splash in Mississauga this summer and stay cool!

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