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Mississauga Celebrates National Volunteer Week 2023

Entertainment and activities | April 11, 2023

One of the great things about living in Mississauga is the network of wonderful communities that call Mississauga home. More than just neighbourhoods, we have countless groups and organizations made up of people who come together as volunteers to support an important cause through their time, money, skills, donations and knowledge. They help weave kindness, care and generosity into the social fabric of the city.

This year, April 16 to 22 is designated as National Volunteer Week: an annual celebration that highlights why volunteers matter in Canada. The theme for 2023 celebration is Volunteering Weaves Us Together. From helping build a home, cleaning up a park, or coaching a sports team to cooking for an ill friend, checking in on a neighbour, or helping a stranger across the street — volunteering contributes immensely to our society’s overall wellness and future.

Recognizing our Volunteers
If your organization or you benefit from volunteer support, National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to recognize their contributions. Whether it is writing a simple thank you note or providing a reference letter, or organizing a group get-together, every effort counts. We must recognize and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism that accounts for hundreds of thousands of hours of community service each year.

Why Volunteer
Volunteering can be a great way to get to know our community, give back, and meet new people with interests similar to our own. It also helps provide us with a greater sense of purpose and dedication in our life. By getting involved in the community, we find new connections and friendships, develop trust, and enhance our interpersonal skills. Volunteering weaves us together, strengthening the social fabric by sharing our time, talent and energy to support one another.

Volunteering with the City
Here at the City, there are some great opportunities for youth and adults to get engaged and support community building. Depending on your skills and interests, you can volunteer with Animal Services to walk dogs or entertain kittens, support City events at Celebration Square,  help maintain garden beds and park spaces. You could also support recreation programs as a volunteer in the pool, camps or other programs. Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience for future part-time employment opportunities.

While Secondary school students can apply to join the MiWay Student Ambassador program to help promote transit and teens can assist library staff in planning captivating programs for young adults through the City of Mississauga Library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) and earn volunteer hours, adults could apply to become a citizen member on a City of Mississauga committee or board. Joining a City committee is a unique opportunity to contribute to your community’s well-being and local government.

Bring your Furry Friend Along
Volunteering in Mississauga can be fun, not just for yourself but for your canine companions too. There are a few options that various non-profit organizations provide that might suit your four-legged friend! For example, St. John Ambulance-Peel branch offers a range of volunteering opportunities including the ones with its Therapy Dog program where volunteers and their dogs visit hospitals, seniors’ residences, or nursing homes together on a weekly basis to support patients and residents.

Where to Begin
If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity but aren’t sure where to start, visit the Volunteer page on the City of Mississauga website. You will find a listing of City-led volunteer positions as well as a connection to the VolunteerMBC website for a broad listing of volunteer openings offered by other organizations in the Peel Region, including Mississauga.

This National Volunteer Week 2023, let’s celebrate both our volunteers as well as the umpteen volunteering opportunities around us that help create a strong, interconnected and vibrant Mississauga!

Hands of three people kneeling on the ground planting a tree sapling
Volunteers can help maintain garden beds and park spaces.
Multi-ethnic volunteers standing together with arms reaching out and joining hands together.
Volunteers from diverse backgrounds joins hands together to show strength in unity and diversity.


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