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Mississauga Issues Permits for $1.3 Billion in Construction in 2015

Local government | January 28, 2016

The City of Mississauga issued building permits for $1.3 billion in construction in 2015 which is a 10 per cent increase over last year. Total permits issued increased to 3,845 up from 2014 which also saw significant growth in building permit activity over previous years. The City also issued an additional $250 million in conditional permits to help get construction underway.

“Issuing $1.3 billion in building permits is proof that entrepreneurs and established businesses continue to choose Mississauga as a leading destination to invest, expand service offerings, remain ahead of the competition and achieve success,” Mayor Crombie said. “These significant and ongoing building investments will help ignite new local economic development opportunities, create jobs, and strengthen Mississauga’s tax base, which allows us to build infrastructure, public transit, community centres and libraries.”

“We are a City that is undergoing a transformation to support the way that citizens live, work and play,” said Ed Sajecki, Commissioner of Planning and Building. “Our numbers were driven by a strong mix of commercial, industrial and residential building. Commercial and Industrial activity accounted for more than $608 million and residential was at $563 million. Residential permit values – primarily condominium and townhouse projects – showed the greatest gains, going up over 35 per cent from 2014 to 2015.

Looking to the future, we are seeing significant investment in rapid transit that will accommodate our increasing population,  attract jobs and support the resilient and vibrant City which Mississauga has become and will continue to be,” said Sajecki.

The City also recently launched ePlans. This innovative online application intake and electronic submission process allows customers to submit building permits, sign permits, site plans and other applications electronically 24/7 anytime, from anywhere. ePlans is expected to help customers save time and money by streamlining the application process. The City’s investment in an online presence has resulted in positive results. Building-Zoning web page usage has gone up significantly by 91 per cent over 2014 statistics.

For more information about the City’s 2015 Building Report, visit: Current Year Reports or contact the City’s Building Division at 905-615-3200, #4192.


  • Residential permit values were about $563 million in 2015
  • Industrial permit values were about $256 million in 2015
  • Commercial permit values were about $352 million in 2015
  • There were applications filed for 1,298 apartments; 368 townhouses and 185 new single family units.
  • Permit numbers for Commercial, Industrial and all forms of residential housing renovations/additions and other types of developments remained strong at 3,845 in 2015.

Being able to live, work and play in Mississauga is a key goal set out in Mississauga’s 40-year Strategic Plan, Our Future Mississauga. The City’s Official Plan reflects this goal, guiding the City’s development with planning-specific policies and strategies.

For more information about building and renovating in the City of Mississauga, visit

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