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Mississauga Launches Online Fireworks Complaint Form Ahead of Long Weekend

City services | May 19, 2023

Long weekends in Mississauga often include celebrations and fireworks. While some residents love the sights and sounds of fireworks in the sky, others have concerns about where and when they’re being set off.

Currently, Mississauga permits fireworks at home on the following holidays, on the day of the holiday itself (one day only) up until midnight:

  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Lunar New Year
  • Diwali

In 2022, the City received approximately 300 complaints about fireworks. In an effort to address these concerns and ensure residents are being mindful of the Fireworks By-law, the City of Mississauga has introduced a new Online Fireworks Complaint form and will enhance staff presence over the upcoming Victoria Day weekend.

In addition to calling, residents can now file a complaint online through the City’s website and report fireworks misuse at any time of day or night. Once residents have submitted the complaint, the City’s enforcement staff will respond, if necessary. This response may include an onsite investigation.

Residents can also contact the City about fireworks in the following ways:

Fireworks on private property or improper sale of fireworks
Submit a complaint online or call 311 (905-615-4311 outside city limits)

Fireworks in City parks or schools
Call the Facility Watch Program at 905-615-4060

For all other fireworks enquiries, residents can call Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services’ non-emergency line at 905-456-5700

Residents are encouraged to review the Fireworks By-law before celebrating an occasion with fireworks, and make they sure comply with the by-law. By becoming familiar with the Fireworks By-law, residents can ensure they are using fireworks appropriately and allowing their neighbours who may not enjoy the light show to enjoy their weekend as well.


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