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Mississauga’s Older Adult Expo Offers Online Activities for Older Adults

Entertainment and activities | May 28, 2021

Mark your calendars for the 2021 Older Adult Expo. June is Seniors Month in Ontario – a time to recognize Mississauga’s older adults and the contributions they have made to their community. The City of Mississauga is celebrating by dedicating the entire month of June to the older adult community by offering free, informative webinars on weekdays to residents ages 55 and up. Webinars are a blend of both live and pre-recorded sessions.

This year’s expo begins on Tuesday, June 1 and the theme is Stay Safe, Active and Connected.

2021 Mississauga Older Adult Expo Online

Older adults (ages 55 and up)

Live kick-off event on Tuesday, June 1 at 11 a.m. – join online. Each session opens up five minutes before the start time.

The 2021 Older Adult Expo will be offered online this year. Interested participants can access activities online at

Free for Older Adults (55+)

This year’s online expo provides older adults with the opportunity to connect with others in their community and learn about available programs and services to help them live safe, healthy and active lives. For more information on how older adults can stay active in Mississauga, visit


About Seniors’ Month
Each year in June, the province celebrates and recognizes the contributions seniors make to our communities.

About Older Adults in Mississauga
The City is committed to being an age-friendly community where older adults serve as leaders, mentors, volunteers and active members within the community. The City works with older adult organizations and different levels of government to provide accessible and inclusive programs that allow older adults to live safe, healthy and active lives.

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