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Stay alert: Safely co-exist with coyotes

City services | November 23, 2023

Have you seen a coyote in your neighbourhood? Mississauga is home to coyotes, so you may see them walking on our roads and sidewalks or lazing around in park spaces. Our urban ecosystem benefits from coyotes, which help control the population of rodents and other wildlife. Coyotes are often attracted to urban communities because of the availability of food and shelter. As coyotes are wild animals, you must be aware and take necessary precautions to co-exist safely with them.

Coyote with light brown fur

Here are some easy to follow tips on how to co-exist with coyotes safely:

Don’t feed coyotes and other wildlife

Feeding coyotes can lead to bold behaviour. It causes them to become dependent on human-provided food, lose their fear of people and approach them. You should avoid feeding or intentionally leaving food out for coyotes, and other wildlife. All wild animals should naturally obtain their food.

Keep an eye on pets while outside

To protect pets from a coyote attack, keep them on a short leash while walking and supervise them outside, whether in the backyard or on a walk. Coyotes may take advantage of unattended pets. This ensures that if a coyote were to jump or walk into your backyard, you are there to protect your pet.

Be loud and appear large

If you encounter a coyote, stay calm. Wait until it disappears or walks away, as coyotes are usually afraid of people. Avoid running away from a coyote as it may instinctively chase after you. Instead, stand tall, wave your arms and make as much noise as possible to scare them off. You can open up an umbrella or wave a stick around to appear larger.

Keep property free of food

You should also take measures to keep coyotes off your property. Make sure that garbage and recycling are not accessible to wildlife. This includes cleaning up food waste, pet food or spilled birdseed that may attract smaller wildlife.

See a coyote?

To report coyote sightings, use the City’s online interactive map. The map helps Animal Services target areas for patrols and community outreach. You can also learn more about how the City responds to coyote incidents.

A grey and brown furred coyote.

If you see a sick or injured coyote, call Mississauga Animal Services at 905-896-5858.

Visit to learn more about Animal Services and urban wildlife.


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