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2023 Mississauga Urban Design Awards: Submission Deadline Extended

City building | November 22, 2022

Mississauga is seeking the best architecture and design for the 2023 Mississauga Urban Design Awards – a celebration of excellence for innovative, dynamic, trendsetting urban design projects that are transforming Mississauga.

Under the theme “The Next Big Thing,” nominations will now be accepted until Friday, April 21, 2023. A week-long extension will give applicants some extra time to submit their project.

It is Not Too Late to Apply

There is still time to apply and there are many reasons to do so. The benefits to nominating a project include:

  • Recognition for design excellence by the City as well as industry peers
  • Design award nominations are excellent additions to project portfolios and marketing materials
  • Winners are awarded a fee waiver to the prestigious 2024 National Urban Design Awards, a Canada-wide celebration of the best in contemporary urban design
  • Winners are nationally and internationally recognized as standing shoulder to shoulder with the best in contemporary urban design

Eligibility of Projects

All submissions must be:

  • received by the deadline of April 21, 2023
  • located within Mississauga
  • completed when the submission is received

Owners, architects, designers, landscape architects, developers or others who have played a key role in the design, development or construction may nominate a project.

Interior design projects, plans and proposals as well as previously nominated projects are not eligible.


Nominated projects are eligible for the following awards:

  • Award of Excellence: given to projects that demonstrate excellence across all judging criteria.
  • Award of Merit: given to projects that demonstrate excellence in one or more of the judging criteria.
  • Healthy by Design: given to projects that exemplify the six Healthy Community Design elements – density, service proximity, land use mix, street connectivity, streetscape characteristics and parking.

Awards are reviewed for excellence across several criteria, including: citywide significance, community significance, living green, innovation, context, execution and healthy by design. Winners are selected by a jury of members from the professional design community as well as representatives from City Council.

People’s Choice Awards

The Mississauga Urban Design Awards also includes a People’s Choice Award, which is given to the project that receives the most public support through online voting.

Voting for the People’s Choice Awards will begin in June 2023.

How to Submit

Projects submitted for the 2023 Mississauga Design Awards need to include:

  • Exterior photos of your project (minimum of five)
  • Brief project description
  • Names and email addresses of key project contributors
  • Signed consent form from the project owner for the jury to visit the project site

You can learn more about the 2023 Mississauga Urban Design Awards including highlights of previous winners and examples of previous submissions by visiting


The Mississauga Urban Design Awards was established in 1981 and is Ontario’s longest running urban design awards program. It invites a broad range of nominations, including:

  • Urban elements

A standalone object, public artwork, small-scale building component or landscape element, which contributes significantly to the quality of the public realm. Includes infill housing, additions, public art on public or private lands, street furniture, light fixtures, canopies, signage, walkways, stairways, or other unique design element.

  • Private project(s)

A building or group of buildings in all types and scales that is precedent setting for a project of its type. Includes residential, employment, commercial, mixed-use, heritage restoration and adaptive re-use buildings, parks, private open spaces, or plazas.

  • Public project(s)

A building or group of buildings that serve the public and are accessible to the public. All building types and scales are eligible. Includes education, healthcare, recreation, cultural, community, civic buildings, heritage restoration and adaptive re-use buildings, bridges, parks, streetscape, public or private open spaces, plazas, landscaped areas, or stormwater facilities.


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