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How the City budget works

Every year the City creates a business plan and budget that Council follows to help deliver and maintain services and infrastructure that residents use every day.

It also ensures your tax dollars are spent wisely and in-line with the City’s Strategic Plan.

The City’s business plan contains a group of smaller, more specific plans for each of the services the City provides, like transit, library services, and community and recreation programs.

A budget is created for each service area and these individual service area budgets combine to make the overall City budget.

The business plan and budget is then debated by the City’s Budget Committee with residents having an opportunity to provide feedback before it’s approved by City Council vote.

Our business plan and budget priorities

We constantly look at City services to see how they can be improved, and delivered more efficiently and effectively.

To achieve this, we focus on the following areas when preparing business plans and budgets:

Delivering the right services

Understand citizen expectations and priorities to improve services wherever possible.

Containing our costs

Review the cost of current services and make every effort to be more efficient and innovative in delivering these services.

Maintaining infrastructure

Assess the current condition of roads, bridges, buildings, parks and other infrastructure and prioritize repair, plan for the future and address growth concerns.

Advancing our strategic vision

Continue to implement the City’s strategic vision and adopt best practices to ensure Mississauga is the place where people want to be.