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Request a flag raising or clock tower lighting

The Community Recognition Program allows Canadian registered charities and non-profit groups to recognize and celebrate special occasions and events which create a spirit of community, celebrate Mississauga’s diverse cultures and contribute to enriching the quality of life in our City.

Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations can request recognition by a flag raising or clock tower lighting.

Flag raising and lighting requests must be submitted at least six weeks in advance.

Your organization can only select one recognition option (either a flag raising or lighting) per year. A new requests must be made each year. They will not carry over year after year.

You must include your organization’s nine-digit registration number and/or be included on the Government of Canada’s List of Charities.

You will be responsible to invite anyone you would like to attend the recognition activity including the Mayor and Members of Mississauga Council.

Your organization can also choose to book a room inside Civic Centre to continue your recognition activity.

Types of recognition

Flag raising

Please be advised that at this time, the following COVID-19 guidelines are in place for all flag raising events at the Civic Centre:

  • No more than 10 people, standing, may gather for a flag raising
  • The requesting organization is responsible for maintaining physical distancing while onsite
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be encouraged for all attendees and is the responsibility of the organizing group
  • It is recommended to have alcohol-based hand sanitizer on hand for flag raising attendees. This is the responsibility of the organizing group

The City of Mississauga will raise a flag for community or non-profit groups and organizations that meet the criteria in the Community Recognition Policy. The requestor will be responsible to provide the flag.

Flag raisings will be performed on a flag pole designated by the City on the Mississauga Celebration Square and digitally on the Mississauga Celebration Square screens, as available and in rotation with scheduled programming. The flag will be in place for one day (up to 24 hours).

View our full list of City flag raisings.

Clock tower lighting

The City of Mississauga will light the Civic Centre clock tower for registered charities and non-profit community groups that are based in Canada and meet the criteria in the Community Recognition Policy. If you’re representing a charity or non-profit group, you can request a lighting of the Civic Centre clock tower by emailing us at

Your email should include:

  • The date you’d like to have the clock tower lighting
  • The title and a brief description of the event you’d like to recognize
  • Your name and contact information
  • The name of the community group requesting the clock tower lighting
  • The requesting group’s nine-digit charitable organization number and/or a link to where the group’s name on the Government of Canada’s List of Charities
  • The colour(s) you would like the Civic Centre clock tower lit. The requesting organization can choose up to three colours.

The clock tower will be lit for one evening on the approved date.

View our full list of clock tower lightings.

Recognition items are issued at the discretion of the City of Mississauga. Requests will be reviewed and evaluated in the order they are received. The City of Mississauga will work to ensure approved community recognition requests are fulfilled on the agreed upon date; however, activities may be cancelled or rescheduled at the City’s discretion at any time. In this case, the requesting group will be notified as early as possible.