4190 Riverwood Park Lane | Get directions
Open daily from dawn until 11 p.m.

Explore this 150-acre park and urban oasis with accessible trails and great views. Natural features include meadows, old-growth forest, ravines, wetlands, creeks and wildlife.

Riverwood Park is also home to Visual Arts Mississauga and The Riverwood Conservancy.

Riverwood Park ecosystem

The Credit River flows through the park’s western border. It includes the watershed’s most diverse ecosystems of wildflowers and wildlife. Over 160 bird species have been identified here.

Riverwood Park heritage

There are also heritage structures on site including the 1919 Chappell House, now home to the Riverwood Conservancy. MacEwan Field Station and MacEwan Barn still have their original 1850s hand-hewn beams.

The MacEwan Terrace Garden is a two-acre perennial garden opened at Riverwood in 2012. This is an accessible site that looks over the wetlands, grasses, and white pine and spruce trees. The heritage gardens attract birds and butterflies.

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