Open data catalogue

The City of Mississauga shares open data to help improve services and programs, increase transparency, demonstrate accountability and encourage public participation and engagement.

Open data is public information that can be used freely by anyone and is available for public research, analysis, reporting and mobile app development.

Explore Mississauga’s open data

Search the City’s open data catalogue of more than 100 different datasets to find current and historical data across topics, such as:

  • Arts, culture and tourism
  • Census results
  • Business and economy
  • Elections
  • Infrastructure
  • Land use and development
  • Parks and recreation
  • Transportation

Learn more about our ever-changing city through data visualizations and featured stories that present information in an interactive and accessible way.

Provide feedback

We welcome and appreciate any comments you may have to help improve the City’s open data program. Send feedback, data requests and questions to