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City Asset Naming Review

The City is developing new standards to refine the naming policies and street naming registry using an equitable, diverse and inclusive approach.
  1. 1
    Winter 2023

    Complete policy review that direct current asset naming.

  2. 2
    Spring 2023

    Conduct comparative analysis and city leader discovery sessions.

  3. 3
    Summer/Fall 2023

    Conduct consultations with community residents and leaders.

  4. 4
    Fall 2023

    Compare and analyze data.

  5. 5
    Early 2024

    Launch public project.

Project overview

The City of Mississauga in collaboration with Quakelab Incorporated, an equity and justice agency, is currently reviewing our asset naming process using an equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) lens to develop guiding principles that will assist in the future naming of city streets, parks, facilities and other community assets.

Current assets

In total, the City of Mississauga owns:

  • 3,530 named public streets, including highways
  • 374 named buildings and facilities including arenas and Museums
  • 158 commemoratively named parks
  • 18 items in its art collection including monuments and other public art
  • 162 names on the City’s current Street Name Reserve List

Asset naming process

All naming and re-naming actions are paused and will resume in 2024.

This will ensure future asset names are aligned with policy changes and reflect an equitable, diverse and inclusive approach.

Action plan

We are committed to building a strong, more inclusive and accessible city and plan to ensure community stories are authentically documented and shared by:

  • Adopting a community-centred method to gather information about asset naming and commemorative processes
  • Implementing an equitable, diverse and inclusive approach
  • Completing focused and community-wide consultations to include community leader feedback in the structure of our new guiding principles

Get involved

Share your feedback on draft naming practices, future naming approaches and your experience of belonging in Mississauga.

Everyone is invited to participate, especially those from South Asian, Black, Indigenous or other racialized communities.

Community meeting

Thank you to all who shared their time, ideas and feedback in the community meeting on November 2, 2023.

You can now review the meeting presentation and the feedback received.

You can still share your ideas and feedback by scheduling a session with one of the QuakeLab team members:

The personal information on the drop in session registration form is collected under the authority of section 11 of the Municipal Act, 2001. This information will be used for registering you to a Discovery Session. In addition, any of your feedback and comments provided at the Session may also be used for developing the guiding principles for asset naming as well as for refining the City’s asset naming policies and the City streets name registry.

For more information about the City asset naming project please contact:

Project Lead
905-615-3200 ext. 4834

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