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Constructing Fire Station 125

The purpose of this project is to design and construct a new fire station, Station 125, to serve Ward 9 and the surrounding neighbourhood. The station will be located at Tenth Line and Aquitaine (Union Park area).
  1. 1
    Summer/Fall 2021

    Awareness and public education

  2. 2
    Fall 2022

    Construction begins, and will continue until fall 2024

  3. 3
    Fall 2024

    Official opening


As the City continues to grow, the need for essential services continues to rise. Station 125 has been identified as a priority because it’s located in an area included in the Shaping Ninth Line future growth plan.

The plan makes recommendations for mixed-use development of the lands on the west side of Ninth Line. The recommendations include both residential housing options and community facilities.

The leash-free park located where the station will be built, will be relocated to accommodate the new fire station.

There is a plan to construct six new fire stations across the City over the next twelve years. The primary goal is to have stations located across the City to optimize emergency response times. This will further improve response times to meet the goal of first truck response in four minutes or less, 75% of the time.

Frequently asked questions

Why is there a new station being built at Tenth Line and Aquitaine?

The Tenth Line and Aquitaine area was identified because it is a high growth area and future planned growth will impact service levels.

The City’s Shaping Ninth Line future growth plans suggested the development of the lands on the west side of Ninth Line. As the city continues to grow, the need for essential services continues to rise; Station 125 will be Mississauga’s twenty-second fire station.

What is the expected start and completion date of the construction for the new fire station?

The City of Mississauga has secured the land to build the new station and is working to hire a contractor for this project.

Project timelines are tentatively planned as follows:

  • 2021/22 – Architect design, planning and construction permits
  • 2022/24 – Construction
  • 2024 – Grand opening

Please check this website for regular updates, including project timelines.

Will the leash-free park remain open during construction?

Yes. The play areas throughout the park and facilities will remain open. There will be some limits to access but the park will be fenced off and safe for use by the public.

What will happen to the existing leash-free dog park?

The leash free dog park has always been considered as a temporary facility. The City knew that the dog park would have to be relocated to allow the construction of the approved fire station.

The City is negotiating a land lease agreement for the vacant property immediately north of the park. The leash free dog park will be relocated to this area before construction of the station begins.

How will the construction impact the local community?

The construction will have minimal impact on the local community. During construction, there will be limited periods of increase traffic accessing and exiting the site.

The construction site will be completely fenced off and made inaccessible to the public. Community safety will remain a priority during the construction phase. All required safety precautions will be in place.

Public engagement

Details coming soon.

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