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Culham Trail surface repairs

The City is developing a sustainable, long-term solution for the reconstruction of damaged areas along Culham Trail, a multi-use trail stretching from Erindale Park to Pinecliff Park.


Over 35 years old, Culham Trail runs along the Credit River for about 13.5 kilometres on City of Mississauga and Credit Valley Conservation land. Beginning at Erindale Park and extending north to Pinecliff Park, Culham Trail winds through both urban and natural settings with access to many City green spaces.

Due to its location next to the Credit River (with sections in the floodplain), Culham Trail has experienced significant damage caused by increasingly frequent environmental events. The City has invested in repairs to trail surfaces, but regular washouts have resulted in repeated damage.

Project overview

The City is committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly redevelopment solution that will protect Culham Trail for generations to come. With an environmental assessment underway, the City is also in the process of selecting a specialized consultant for the design and implementation of a long-term solution.

During the project period, the trail will remain open but a 1-kilometre stretch between Burnhamthorpe Road W. and Highway 403 (near Riverwood) will not undergo major repairs. As a result, certain areas may not be accessible due to possible erosion, flooding and washouts. The City will continue to conduct inspections and manage minor repairs, but residents are advised to use at their own risk.

Signage will be installed along Culham Trail to inform trail users of the impending construction work and indicate inaccessible areas.

Culham Trail is open to the public, but trail users should take caution because certain sections may not be accessible for all uses, including bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs.


For more information about the surface repairs along Culham Trail, please call 311 (905-615-4311 from outside Mississauga).

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