Completed in 2024 City project

Dog Waste Pilot Program

A pilot program that diverts dog waste from landfill and converts the waste to energy.

Tall green waste bin for dog waste onlyOverview

The City of Mississauga has launched a pilot program that diverts dog waste from the landfill and converts the waste to energy. A number of in-ground dog waste containers have been installed across City parks including the Animal Services facility.

Container locations

The first containers were recently installed in the following parks:

City staff collaborated with Sutera Inc., to design a fully in-ground concrete container that holds dog waste for up to four weeks. Storing the waste below ground where it is cooler and out of direct sunlight reduces odour and means that the waste can be collected when the container is full.

How to use the containers

  • Place your dog’s bagged waste into the slot on the container. Do not place anything other than bagged dog waste into the container.
  • The City’s contractor Sutera, Inc. will frequently empty the container and transport the contents to its energy production facility
  • The dog waste is transformed into energy

How much dog waste has the City collected

  • Collected 34.4 metric tonnes of dog waste from the start of the pilot in 2019 to date—that’s equal to the weight of 5 full grown elephants.
  • Improved recycling contamination helping with Region of Peel’s goal of 75 per cent waste diversion.
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