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Downtown Fairview, Cooksville and Hospital Policy Review

The Downtown Fairview, Cooksville and Hospital Policy Review introduces a new policy framework that supports vibrant, walkable and transit-supportive communities.


The Downtown Fairview, Cooksville and Hospital Policy Review was a City initiative to manage and guide growth and development in these communities. New Official Plan policies were developed to support vibrant, walkable, transit-supportive communities that offer a variety of housing choices, parkland, and natural areas. The policies provide direction on building heights, use of land, street connections as well as the design of buildings, spaces, and streets for these three communities.

A set of built form standards was also developed that complements Official Plan policies and provides more detailed direction on how to implement the vision for Downtown Fairview, Cooksville and Hospital. They express the City’s expectations for good design, and the importance of a high quality built form and public realm in creating vibrant, walkable communities.

  1. 1
    Phase 1: Project Kick-off: 15-Minute City Forum

    April 2021: Community engagement to test directions

  2. 2
    Phase 2: Draft Official Plan Amendment

    January 2022: Information Report at Planning and Development Committee

  3. 3
    Phase 3: Community and Stakeholder Engagement

    Winter to Spring 2022: Feedback on the draft Official Plan policies and stakeholder outreach, February 2022: Community meeting, and May 2022: Public Meeting Information Report at Planning and Development Committee

  4. 4
    Phase 4: Final Policy Recommendations

    July 2022: Public Meeting Recommendation Report at Planning and Development Committee

  5. 5
    Phase 5: Adoption of Official Plan Amendments

    Under appeal: Official Plan Amendment 145 adopted by City Council August 2022 and in progress: Official Plan Amendment 146 for Region of Peel approval

Public engagement

Virtual and in-person community meetings were held in 2021 and 2022, which included community meeting and stakeholder meetings with City staff and public meetings with the Planning and Development Committee.

Thank you to community members and stakeholders who participated and provided input during the public consultation period. For reference, meeting presentations and reports can be found below.

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