Completed in 2024 City project

Future Directions

Plans for Recreation, Culture, Library, Fire and Emergency Services and Parks, Forestry and Environment are being updated to reflect the City’s rapidly changing trends, infrastructure and service delivery needs.


Long-range plans for the next 5 to 10 years are being updated for the City’s Community Services divisions. To create these plans, input from the community will be combined with feedback from other stakeholders, targeted user groups, data and trends. The plans will address feedback on existing programs and services, align with Council priorities and investigate innovative and unique opportunities to enhance City services and programs.

  1. 1

    Community input is collected, analysed and combined with other data to form the plans (October 2022 to March 2023)

  2. 2

    Each plan will be available to review with opportunities to leave feedback (November to December 2023)

  3. 3

    Once approved by Mississauga Council, the plans will be made available to view and download (January to February 2024)

2024 Final Report

Your feedback helped shape the future of community services in Mississauga. Our 2024 Final Report outlines how the City will spend its time, resources and funds on community priorities.


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