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Goreway Drive improvement project

The City is working in partnership with the City of Brampton and CN Rail to improve Goreway Drive, which will allow for a grade separation at CN's Halton Subdivision.


This is a joint project between the City of Mississauga, City of Brampton and CN Rail aimed at making improvements to Goreway Drive to enable a grade separation over the CN tracks. The project area will span from Brandon Gate Drive to Kenview Boulevard.

A map illustrating the project area
A map illustrating the project area

Goreway Drive crosses CN Rail’s existing Halton Subdivision, which is approximately 300 metres north of Brandon Gate Drive and accommodates about 50 freight trains a day. There are three tracks in service facilitating the movement of freight trains into and out of CN Rail’s Brampton Intermodal Terminal located at the north of the project area (also referred to as the Study Area Corridor).

Currently, Goreway Drive functions as a major collector roadway in Mississauga and a four-lane arterial roadway in Brampton. It provides north-south connectivity for commuter, commercial and emergency service vehicles between the two cities.

  1. 1
    Summer 2023

    Commence project

  2. 2
    Summer 2023

    Project underway

  3. 3
    Winter 2024

    Substantial completion

Road closures

Goreway Drive between Brandon Gate Drive and North City Limit will be closed for a period of 12 to 15 months. The temporary road closure is required to construct the grade separation over the Canadian National (CN) Rail tracks.

The temporary road closure began on September 27, 2023, and is expected to end in December 2024. Construction hours have been approved from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and advance warning signs and detour signs have been positioned in the construction area.

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