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Green Tools pilot project

Changing grass cutting equipment from gas and diesel powered to all-electric, battery-powered units.


The City’s Parks Operations team is excited to debut this year the City’s first all-electric grass cutting equipment as part of a pilot project to begin transitioning all Parks and Forestry Operations small equipment from gas/diesel to battery-powered units. The pilot project includes a crew of two riding lawn mowers, a push mower, a leaf blower and two trimmers.

In doing so, Mississauga will be one, if not the only municipality in Canada, to outfit a complete operational crew to use battery-operated equipment only.

This transition to all-electric equipment will reduce carbon emissions, limit noise, increase safety for employees and align with the City’s Climate Change Action Plan.

Staff worker operating grass mower

What’s next?

Work is underway to explore further options to convert other operational equipment from gas/diesel to battery-powered units. Existing gas/diesel grass cutting equipment will be transitioned to battery-powered counterparts at the end of their current lifecycles.

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