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New Fire Station 124 at 2524 Cawthra Road

The City is building a new fire station at 2524 Cawthra Road, just south of Dundas to serve Ward 7 and the nearby neighbourhoods.
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    2023 to 2024

    Awareness and public education

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    Construction begins

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    Station opens


Construction impact

In 2022, the City purchased land at 2524 Cawthra Road to develop the new fire station. The site is located on Needham Lane, just south of Dundas and Cawthra Road.

During construction there will be some increased traffic when trucks enter and exit the site.

Priority area

Dundas and Cawthra is a priority area for a new fire station because of the:

  • High number of calls
  • High to moderate risk populations
  • Historical number of calls that do not meet travel time standards

This station location will improve response time in this area.


As the City continues to grow, the need for fire and emergency services rises. Station 124 is a part of a City-wide plan to build six new fire stations over the next 12 years to improve emergency response time and to target a response time of four minutes or less, 75% of the time, for the first arriving vehicle.

Quick response time improves patient outcomes in medical and emergency events and reduces fire loss and damage in fires.

Station 124’s design will meet the City’s Corporate Green Building Standard which includes net zero energy. Once completed, Station 124 will be the City’s twenty-fourth fire station.


For more information on the construction of Station 124, please call 311 (905-615-4311 from outside Mississauga).

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