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Vision Zero

5 Focus Areas



Tracking and monitoring incidents, learning from the past to improve conditions in the future.



Prioritizing the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable users when designing and operating streets.



Ensuring there are consequences for breaking rules or taking unnecessary risks while travelling.



Fostering concern for community members who are at risk or have been harmed while travelling.



Enabling travellers to learn and follow best practices through road signs, social media, formal training, and other creative outreach and education tactics.

Mississauga’s Vision Zero Action Plan has 99 action items that span 5 focus areas. Each of these areas has an important role to play in reaching the goal of zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. This Action Plan was developed to provide city staff with actions they can apply to their current, ongoing and future projects. To date, more than three quarters of the actions in this plan are considered to be In Progress, Complete, or Ongoing. To learn more, you can read our Vision Zero Action Plan.

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