Living Green Master Plan (2012 – 2023)

The Living Green Master Plan (LGMP) was Mississauga’s environmental sustainability action plan. It was adopted by Mississauga City Council on January 8, 2012, guiding the City’s environmental efforts for over a decade

The LGMP provided a framework for the City, in collaboration with the community, businesses and other levels of government, to meet environmental goals in the Strategic Plan. The LGMP connected Our Future Mississauga Strategic Plan through the “Move”, “Connect” and “Green” Strategic Pillars for Change.

The LGMP identified 49 actions for the City and the community to implement over 10 years. 98% of these actions are either completed or underway. The status of these actions, along with relevant success stories are found in the LGMP Final Report (2023).

The City will continue its environmental sustainability journey, guided by dozens of existing City plans and strategies which can be found at the strategies and plans webpage.

For more detailed information on the City’s actions to combat climate change, visit the climate change webpage.