Living Green Master Plan

The Living Green Master Plan (LGMP) is Mississauga’s environmental sustainability action plan. It was adopted by Mississauga City Council on January 8, 2012.

The LGMP provides a framework for the City, in collaboration with the community, businesses and other levels of government, to meet environmental goals in the Strategic Plan. The LGMP connects Our Future Mississauga Strategic Plan through the “Move”, “Connect” and “Green” Strategic Pillars for Change.

The LGMP identifies 49 actions for the City and the community to implement over 10 years. The actions captured under the following headings:

Setting an example: making a case for sustainability

As a City, we’re in a much better position to speak authoritatively about behaviour changes if we’re setting an example of change ourselves. By being leaders in delivering environmental best practices, we can encourage others to take action.

Encouraging others: moving forward together

Adapting to climate change and ensuring environmental sustainability is a complex task that requires the effort and experience of every resource available to the City. Simply stated, the City cannot address all of Mississauga’s environmental challenges by itself. Partnerships ensure that we move forward together efficiently and collaboratively.

Compelling others: a balanced approach

The LGMP also speaks to the role of the City to compel others to act. It means using the City’s regulatory and statutory powers such as planning regulations to establish practical and long-term solutions for raising the minimum level of environmental performance in Mississauga.

Substantial progress has been made since the Living Green Master Plan was adopted by Council in 2012. These include great advances in the areas of transportation, green development, natural heritage and urban forest, water, air, energy and community action.