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Site servicing design approval process

Follow these steps to get approval for a site servicing design proposal.

The Site Servicing Flow Chart also outlines the approval process.

1. Get drawings stamped by the Region of Peel

The Region of Peel must complete a “preliminary review” of your drawings before you submit them as part of your building permit request. Contact the Region’s Public Works Department about “approved in principle” site servicing drawings at 905-791-7800 ext. 7973.

The Region will stamp your drawings “cleared to seek Fire approval from the City” and email them back to you.

2. Submit building permit application in ePlans

Submit your building permit request using ePlans and upload your stamped drawings and commitment to general review form.

3. Department reviews

Your application may need to be reviewed by different City departments.

Fire approval

If your application includes a fire water service, Fire Plan Examination will review the drawings. When your drawings are stamped and approved, you’ll get a notification to download the fire approved stamped drawings in ePlans.

Learn more about fire plan examination services.

Stormwater approval (non-residential)

If your application includes a stormwater sewer or retention design, City staff from the Transportation and Works department will review the drawings. Please contact the Storm Drainage Technologist assigned to your application or email

Stormwater approval (residential)

If your application includes a stormwater connection to the public sewer, you will need to obtain a road occupancy permit.

Plumbing and zoning approval

Your application will also be reviewed by the City’s Plumbing and Zoning Plan Examination staff.

4. Send “Fire approved drawings” to the Region of Peel

Download the drawings from ePlans and submit them to the Region for their final approval.

5. Upload final Region of Peel approved drawings into ePlans

The Region will provide you with their final approved stamped site servicing drawings. Once you have these drawings:

  • Upload a copy into the Drawings folder in ePlans
  • Upload any Region of Peel connection receipt into the Documents folder in ePlans
  • Complete the applicant resubmit task

6. Permit is approved

After all reviewers approve, your building permit will be issued.