Suspended suppliers

The City of Mississauga manages supplier contracts to ensure the successful delivery of good and services to the City, and to limit the City’s exposure to risk. When required, suppliers may be suspended from doing business with the City of Mississauga.

The Supplier Performance Management and Suspension Policy outlines reasons for suspension.

A suspension may apply to all procurement types or to a specific good or service. During the suspension period, that supplier is not eligible to bid on, or be awarded, contracts with the City.

The length of the suspension will be proportional to the reasons for suspension. This will be determined by the Chief Procurement Officer. The maximum suspension period is five years.

Supplier responsibilities

City suppliers are responsible for the conduct of all employees, representatives and subcontractors. When working with subcontractors, suppliers must:

  • Subcontract only to eligible suppliers
  • Ensure subcontractors follow the terms and conditions of City contracts

Current suspensions

This page lists suspended suppliers, along with their suspension dates and status.

Supplier name Suspension start date Suspension expiry date
A&G The Road Cleaners March 13, 2024 March 12, 2029


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