Register a rental apartment building

If you own a rental apartment building, you must register through the City’s apartment rental compliance program.

Mississauga Apartment Rental Compliance (MARC) pilot program was launched in July 2022. The program aims to make sure apartment buildings are well-maintained to support safe, secure and liveable communities. It will be decided if the program continues after the five-year pilot period.

Apartment buildings with two or more storeys and six or more residential units that share a common area must be registered with the City. Registered buildings must create and implement all owner obligations included in the Rental Apartment Buildings By-law.

The maximum penalty for failing to register an apartment building is $100,000, if convicted.

This program doesn’t apply to:

  • Condominiums
  • Long-term care homes
  • Licensed retirement homes
  • Housing co-operative

How to register or renew a building

You must register or renew your building every year. The deadline to renew a building registration is July 31 of every year, until 2027.

Request a registration form

For new registrations, send us the building address, and the name and email address of the person completing the form to You’ll receive a unique registration form and instructions from us by email.

For renewals, we’ll email you an electronic registration form and mail a physical invoice before the renewal deadline.

Complete and submit the registration form

Follow the instructions on the form and email it to Include any supporting documents if needed.

Pay the registration fee

Follow the payment instructions on the registration form or invoice (for renewals).

  • For 2024, the fee is $18.25 per residential unit, plus HST.

The registration and renewal fee is subject to change annually.

Post your registration certificate

We’ll email the registration certificate to the email address on the registration form. You must print and post a physical copy of the registration certificate in your apartment building.

What happens next

Within the 90 days of registering a building, you must create and implement all plans that address owner obligations included in the Rental Apartment Buildings By-law.

Once registered, owners must ensure their rental apartment buildings meet minimum standards and practices for:

  • Tenant service request processes
  • Waste management planning
  • Cleaning
  • State of good repair planning
  • Electrical maintenance planning
  • Vital services disruption planning
  • Tenant assistance documentation
  • Tenant notification boards
  • Preventative pest management practices
  • Use of certified tradespersons
  • Record-keeping

Read the Apartment Building Owner’s Reference Guide for more details on the by-law requirements.

Building inspections

Once your building is registered, officers (City staff) will regularly conduct visual building inspections to assess its maintenance standard and practices. Officers will assign an evaluation score, and it will determine when your next inspection will be. You’ll need to fix any issues found during the inspection.

If your building scores:

  • 91 to 100%, your next evaluation will be in three years.
  • 76 to 90%, your next evaluation will be in two years.
  • 61 to 75%, your next evaluation will be in one year.
  • 0 to 60%, an audit will be scheduled.

Building evaluation scores, enforcement actions and completed and uncompleted service requests will be posted on the City’s interactive map for the public to access.


We will conduct an audit if your building receives an inspection score of 60% or lower. An audit involves an inspection and assessment of the building’s:

  • Physical condition
  • Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems
  • Site components, such as the foundation, doors, windows, roofs, walls, floors and landscaped areas
  • Inside units (when requested by tenants)
  • Accessible areas (within and around the building and property)

Audits also include a tenant engagement process. You must notify building residents by posting a Notice of Audit on the tenant notification board.

Once the audit is complete, you must fix all by-law violations.The processing time and penalty (if applicable) may vary.

Contact us

If you have questions, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits). You can also email our customer service department.