Wireless Mississauga

Wireless Mississauga is a city-wide network of free wireless hotspots available for public use.

Where to connect

You can find WiFi hotspots at these locations:

  • Celebration Square
  • Community centres
  • Libraries
  • Living Arts Centre
  • Meadowvale Theatre
  • MiWay stations and terminals
  • Museums (Benares and Bradley)
  • Parks and other public spaces
  • Small Arms Inspection Building

Map of Wireless Mississauga hotspots

Education roaming

Wireless Mississauga connects to the education roaming service eduroam.

You can get network access to any eduroam participating post-secondary institution through the City’s WiFi hotspots.

  • For Sheridan College, connect to the wireless network ‘Sheridan-secure’ and log in with your Sheridan username and password
  • For University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and other post-secondary institutions, connect to the wireless network ‘eduroam’ and log in with your school’s username and password

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before using Mississauga Wireless.

Terms of Use of Wireless Network