Giant Hogweed

 Plant with a large root, thick hollow stems and large lobed leavesGiant hogweed is a plant from southwest Asia. It’s been present in Mississauga since 2011.

The plant is toxic to humans.

How to spot an infestation

Giant Hogweed usually grows in rich, moist soils along streams, ditches and forest edges.

The plant can reach up to 6 metres (19 feet) when flowering. The stock is thick, hollow and purple-spotted with coarse, white bristles. It has large leaves and will produce small white flowers, usually between July and August.

There are many plants that look like Giant Hogweed including Queen Anne’s Lace, Wild Parsnip, Cow Parsnip and Great Angelica. To learn more about Giant Hogweed and see more pictures, visit Credit Valley Conservation.

What we're doing

The City controls and monitors Giant Hogweed populations. In Mississauga, it’s mostly found along the Credit River and connecting creeks.

In 2011, the City started pesticide applications to eradicate the plant. This has successfully reduced the amount of Giant Hogweed and will continue until the spread of this plant is controlled.

To report a possible location of Giant Hogweed, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).