Purchase compliance report

You can purchase a property compliance report online. The property compliance report allows a solicitor to satisfy themselves with respect to information concerning a specific property.

You’ll need to provide the address or roll number.

Purchase report

Information in the report is current as of the date of purchase. The report will not reflect changes made after purchase, an additional purchase is required to obtain an updated report.

What's in a compliance report

A compliance report contains information about a specific property such as:

  • Roll number
  • Legal description
  • Outstanding letters of notification, orders and notices related to Building, Plumbing, HVAC, Sign, Fire
  • Outstanding compliance and licensing complaint investigations (up to Feb 10, 2017). For updated information contact bylaw.enforcement@mississauga.ca.
  • In force zoning designation
  • Committee of Adjustment Decisions
  • Outstanding building permit applications
  • Outstanding inspections for issued buildings permits as of January 1, 1997
  • Building fire safety information (for non-residential buildings)
  • Heritage information


A compliance report will cost $107. Reports are HST exempt and non-refundable.

Previously purchased reports

All of your purchased compliance reports can be found in your digital downloads.

View digital downloads

Request an updated report

If you have already purchased a compliance report and wish to request an updated version, please contact 905-615-4311.

Updated reports are available for $54 each within 30 days of having purchased the original.

Permit history of a property

If you’re looking for complete permit history of a property, use the find property information tool.