Cycling map

Mississauga’s cycling network features approximately 500 kilometres of multi-use trails, park paths, bicycle lanes and signed bike routes. 

Download our cycling map to view on your computer or mobile device at anytime. You can also submit a request to receive a paper copy delivered to your address.

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Understand our cycling network

Enjoy the City’s cycling network by riding safely and understanding the types of trails you can bike on, including whether you can expect to share the routes with pedestrians or motorists.

  • Multi-use trails are paved trails separated from the road and shared by cyclists, pedestrians and e-scooter users. Multi-use trails are typically next to arterial roads across the city.
  • Park trails can be paved or unpaved trails in parks and conservation areas. Park trails are shared by cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Bicycle lanes are clearly marked with signs and pavement markings (lines and symbols). These lanes are reserved for bicycle and e-scooter use only.
  • Signed bike routes are marked by green signs to remind cyclists and motorists to share the road. Signed bike routes are typically found on residential streets with less traffic.