Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE)

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras are actively enforcing the speed limit in Mississauga.

ASE uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help enforce speed limits in school area community safety zones.

Speeding is a serious problem on Mississauga roads. ASE helps make our streets safer for everyone by encouraging drivers to slow down and obey the speed limit. They support the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan.

Two City of Mississauga staff in high-vis jackets installing an automated speed camera sign on a wooden post below a community safety zone sign

How automated speed enforcement works

When a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit in an ASE area, the ASE system captures an image. Then, a provincial offences officer reviews the image and issues a ticket. The ticket, including a digital copy of the image and an enlargement of the license plate, is mailed to the registered plate holder within 23 days of the offence.

Tickets are issued to the owner of the vehicle regardless of who was driving. No demerit points will be issued and the registered owner’s driving record will not be impacted.

Timing and camera locations

The ASE program is active in school area community safety zones where speeding has proven to be a consistent problem.

All ASE sites will be marked with clear signs at least 90 days before the cameras are installed, and while they are in operation.

View map of current and planned camera locations

Fines and penalties

After the ASE system captures an image of the vehicle exceeding the speed limit, the image is stored and sent to a processing centre. The image is reviewed by a provincial offences officer before a ticket is mailed to the registered plate owner.

An ASE ticket includes a set fine determined by the Chief Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice. The fine is based on the vehicle’s rate of speed over the speed limit when the image was taken.

The total ticket amount includes:

  • The set fine
  • Applicable court costs
  • A victim fine surcharge, credited to the provincial Victims’ Justice Fund

Learn more about what to do if you get an ASE provincial offences ticket.

Choosing new locations

According to Ontario Regulations, ASE Cameras can only be installed in designated school zones or community safety zones where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h.

As part of the Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit project, the City identified school area community safety zones and lowered speed limits across Mississauga. This will help make our streets safer and prepare for new ASE locations.

The locations for each camera are prioritized using a data-driven approach that considers the severity of speeding in the area and other factors such as traffic volumes, collision history and site suitability.

Camera accuracy

To view the Certificate of Accuracy that ensures each camera is accurately reading speeds, visit the Certificate of Accuracy list on the City of Toronto’s website. Search by municipality to find certificates for ASE cameras in Mississauga.