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‘Please Slow Down’ lawn signs

How to get a lawn sign

Please slow down lawn sign

Contact your Ward Councillor’s office or visit our Customer Service Counter at 3185 Mavis Road on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

You can post a ‘Please Slow Down’ lawn sign on your property to encourage safe driving and to lower vehicle speeds on your street. The signs are produced by the City and are free.

Where you can place your sign

You must ensure that your sign doesn’t create any obstruction or hazard for road users. The signs must:

  • Only be placed directly on or in front of your property
  • Be set-back a minimum of two feet from the curb or the edge of the road
  • Not obstruct the road, median, traffic island, sidewalk, bicycle path or multi-use trail
  • Be placed three metres or more from a fire hydrant
  • Be inserted into the ground using the wire frame only

Your sign may be removed or relocated at any time if it is unsafe. Please make sure your lawn sign is safely maintained and replace it when:

  • The wire frame becomes damaged, bent, dislodged from the ground
  • The plastic covering is damaged or removed
  • The sign has other safety issues or cannot stay secured into the ground