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Slow Streets

Slow street - Share the road, slow drivers only

Last year, the City launched Quiet Streets. After reviewing feedback on the 2020 program, this program will continue under the new name of Slow Streets.

Slow Streets are a temporary traffic calming measure that involves installing barricades and signage on neighbourhood streets. This gives pedestrians and cyclists space to move around their neighbourhood safely while maintaining physical distancing.

Slow Streets provide space for all road users and reduce speeding and aggressive driving behaviour. Streets will remain accessible to all traffic and allow for the passage of two-way traffic.

Slow Streets will not be considered on:

  • Major collector or arterial roadways
  • Multi-lane roadways
  • Roads that have MiWay routes
  • Roadways where the equipment cannot be safely accommodated

In June 2021, the City deployed Slow Streets to neighbourhood roadways across the City. These measures will be in place until the end of October 2021 when winter maintenance activities begin.

Temporary devices and signs are installed at various points along the roadway and each deployment can vary depending on local roadway characteristics such as roadway width and parking.

Barricades will still allow emergency vehicles, road maintenance vehicles and waste management vehicles to move easily on the street. There will be no changes to services such as waste collection.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Slow Streets on a City road, please call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or contact us online.