Naming a street in Mississauga

Find out how streets are named in the City and also see the guidelines around naming a street after a person.

New street names

If you’ve proposed a new street name as part of a development application, it’ll be sent to the Region of Peel Street Names Committee for review and approval. All new street names also require final Council approval.

Names won’t be allowed if they:

  • Conflict with existing street names
  • Discriminate against people in accordance with Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Damage the image of the City and its employees
  • Are likely to cause deep or widespread offence
  • Are named after a business or industry
  • Cause any confusion to emergency services.

Approved street names that are not used straight away are added to a reserve list for future use within the City. Once the street name is approved and assigned, you’ll be required to pay a fee of $1,719 per request.

Street names honouring people

If the street name will identify a specific person the following information is also needed:

  • The consent of the individual, or if deceased, consent of the family or next of kin (if the person is not a national or international public figure)
  • A written description of the person’s contribution to Mississauga explaining why the honour should be given

A street cannot be named after an elected official, unless the official has retired from public service.