Report sidewalk damage

Use this service to report a damaged sidewalk that is not part of a new subdivision.

If the damaged sidewalk is causing a public safety concern call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

Check request status Report damage

If the damaged sidewalk is on private property, contact the property owner.

What happens next

  • We’ll do an inspection within three business days and make the area safe
  • If more work is required, we’ll add it to our job list
  • If your property is impacted by repairs, you will receive a hand-delivered Construction Notice before construction begins. The construction map lists active repair work.

The City regularly monitors sidewalks throughout the year for:

  • Raised sections with a ledge greater than two centimetres high
  • Cracks greater than two centimetres wide
  • Missing pieces
  • Sunken areas that hold water for more than 24 hours.