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Budget and City Finances

The City of Mississauga has before it many opportunities to continue to evolve as a place where people choose to be. It is a modern, vibrant 21st century community that is still growing culturally and in its service provision.

Like most municipalities in the world, the City faces challenges. Residents and businesses continue to face economic challenges. City Infrastructure is aging and will require increased funding to maintain a state of good repair. Unplanned matters such as severe weather and new invasive insects need to be addressed. Choices need to be made to ensure we continue to deliver the services our residents value, in a fiscally responsible manner.

As part of the 2015-2017 Business Planning process, City service leaders have been challenged to bring forward their best thinking on how to resource and carry out the right business plans; plans that strike a balance between meeting service expectations and achieving fiscal restraint.

The Business Plan and Budget is the foundation of the City’s financial management strategy; it shows what we are doing, why we need to do it and how much it costs. It shows how the City is turning the goals and priorities set out in the Strategic Plan into actions. Each action – big, medium or small – will help to achieve the vision reflected in Our Future Mississauga.

This web site also includes information about upcoming budget meetings, property taxes, infrastructure, development charges and other financial services available to you.

Be aware. Be informed. Get involved.

Read the Message from the City Manager.

Budget Links
City's Budget Committee Meets for 2015 Overview

Jun 23, 2014

Mississauga's Budget Committee will meet on June 25 to hear an overview of the City's finances and draft plan for providing programs and services next year.

   City Council approves 2014 Budget
Dec 11, 2013

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