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To grow and support the creative sector, deliver cultural services and enable high quality cultural experiences.

The services we provide:

The Culture Division has four sections: Culture Services, Culture and Heritage Planning, Museums & Small Arms Inspection Building, and Celebration Square, Meadowvale Theatre and Culture Technical Services.

  • Culture Services supports growth of the film and television industry in Mississauga and delivers community development, arts and culture programs, grants and marketing.
  • Culture and Heritage Planning is responsible for heritage planning, culture planning, public art, policy development and research.
  • Culture facilities managed and operated within Culture Division include: Museums (Bradley, Benares and Leslie Log House), the newly-opened Small Arms Inspection Building, Meadowvale Theatre and Celebration Square. Culture Technical Services supports and executes events at these facilities.

Interesting facts about this service:

$180,000 investment in Public Art Program
  • Almost 4.1 million people visited Celebration Square since its opening in 2011
  • Meadowvale Theatre hosted 179 performances/activities in 2017
  • Re-animation of museums resulted in 32,000 visitors in 2017
  • Creative Classes and Camps saw over 4,000 participants in almost 500 programs in 2017
  • There were 977 filming days in Mississauga with 255 permits issued in 2017
  • There are 42 pieces of Public Art in Mississauga; 18 are City-owned.
  • Since 2015, Council has adopted a new Cultural Policy and approved the City’s first Public Art Master Plan, Heritage Management Strategy and Creative Industries Strategy