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To implement the approved Culture Master Plan by working collaboratively with a wide variety of partners to build strong cultural institutions, complete communities and stimulate a creative economy.

The services we provide:

The Culture Division has two sections: Culture and Heritage Planning and Culture Operations. Culture and Heritage Planning is responsible for heritage planning, culture planning, public art, policy development, research and digital engagement. Culture Operations delivers performing arts, film and television services, arts and culture programs, grants, civic and major events, and manages operation of the Meadowvale Theatre, Museums and Mississauga Celebration Square (Celebration Square).

Interesting facts about this service:

$100,000 invested for Public Art program expansion
  • Council adopted a new Cultural Policy and approved the City’s first Public Art Master Plan, Heritage Management Strategy and Creative Industries Strategy;
  • Meadowvale Theatre hosted 346 performances/activity days;
  • Re-animation of museums resulted in 27,500 visitors and program participants;
  • There were 1,028 filming days in Mississauga with 174 permits issued;
  • There are 38 pieces of Public Art in Mississauga; 14 are City-owned.