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To enable the delivery of excellent public service, Business Services provides quality advice and essential support to front line service areas within the City, as well as direct services to residents and businesses of Mississauga.

The services we provide:

Business Services includes five interrelated teams within the City of Mississauga. These teams all collaborate with and support every City service area. The group consists of Human Resources (HR), Finance, Communications, Corporate Performance and Innovation (CPI), and Revenue and Materiel Management.

Interesting facts about this service:

  • Human Resources posted 510 jobs in 2016 and filled 73 per cent of positions within seven to 12 weeks.
  • Finance managed $613.5 million in reserves, and achieved a 3.4 per cent gross investment return across the City’s balance sheet.
  • Communications handled 309,100 telephone, email and online citizen inquiries via the 311 Citizen Contact Centre and 3,187 inquiries via the Pingstreet Citizen App.
309,100 311 Citizen Contact Centre calls
  • Staff across the organization received 35,990 hours of training from Corporate Performance and Innovation to improve performance.
  • Revenue billed $1.57 billion in property taxes for the City, Region and School Boards with a collection rate of 97.3 per cent.