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To lead environmental sustainability in Mississauga by empowering people to take environmental action.

The services we provide:

The Environment Division drives environmental sustainability in Mississauga by providing:

  • Environmental strategic planning to develop plans, policies and programs that advance the City’s environmental priorities
  • A framework for the City of Mississauga and the community to take action on climate change
  • An efficient waste program for City of Mississauga facilities
  • Awareness and education for residents and City staff to take environmental action

Interesting facts about this service:

$450,000 invested for climate change action plan
  • Leading the City’s response to climate change.
  • Engaged 14,000 people in environmental education and outreach at 60 community events throughout Mississauga.
  • Managing 120 Green Leaders across the City in environmental action.
  • Improved waste diversion at the Civic Centre by 25 per cent.
  • Greening the City’s culture by infusing environmental considerations into City projects.