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Land Development Services

Land Development Services

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To provide strategic, long-term planning and quality customer service by facilitating legislated approval processes from the creation of policies, the designation of lands through the processing of development applications and building permits to building inspections to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public.

The Services we provide:

    Planning and Building Department:
  • Strategic Community Initiatives;
  • Policy Planning;
  • Development and Design
  • Building

  • Transportation and Works Department:
  • Development Engineering, Transportation Infrastructure Planning

  • Community Services Department:
  • Parks Planning, Parks and Forestry

Interesting facts about this service:

  • Coordinates planning efforts across the Corporation to ensure alignment with the Strategic Plan, the Official Plan and Zoning By law;
3,781 ePlans online building permit applications processed
  • Approximately 73,000 building, plumbing, heating and sign inspections conducted annually.