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Land Development Services

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To provide strategic long term planning within a legislated planning policy framework. This involves the creation of policies, plans, processing development applications and building permits and undertaking building inspections to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public while ensuring high quality customer service.

The Services we provide:

  • Strategic plan development
  • Long range and community land use planning
  • Population and employment forecasting
  • Establishment of urban design and built form vision for the city
  • Development and design studies
  • Planning opinion and customer information
  • Review and approval of development applications
  • Review of building permit applications and issuance of permits
  • Building permit inspections and enforcement

Interesting facts about this service:

  • Coordinates planning efforts across the Corporation to ensure alignment with the Strategic Plan, the Official Plan and Zoning By law.
4,400 building permit applications are processed annually
  • Approximately 79,000 building, plumbing, heating and sign inspections conducted annually.