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Regulatory Services

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We achieve compliance with municipal by-laws and provide services in a safe and professional manner to maintain order, safety and community standards in the City.

The services we provide:

Regulatory Services responds to service requests from the public, City staff and Mayor and Council; service requests involving issues that are addressed through City of Mississauga by-laws. Our response include investigations of the issues, interpretation of the by-laws and when required, formal by-law enforcement.

We provide inspections of vehicles licensed by the City, shelter and adoption services for stray pets and wildlife, and parking considerations for property owners requiring temporary additional parking. Regulatory Services also provides research and detailed reporting on issues of significant municipal interest which may be addressed through amendments to existing by-laws or new by-laws.

Interesting facts about this service:

Currently more than 30 By-laws are actively enforced by Regulatory Services staff including the Zoning, Property Standards and Animal Care and Control By-laws.

  • More than 50,000 service requests are received each year
Over 30 By-laws actively enforced