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To plan, develop, construct and maintain a multi-modal transportation system which efficiently and safely moves people and goods, respects the environment and supports the development of Mississauga as a 21st Century city, while serving the municipality's social, economic and physical needs.

The services we provide:

  • Engineering and Construction
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Planning
  • Works, Operations and Maintenance

Interesting facts about this service:

  • At a 2018 replacement value of $4.4 billion, our road and bridge infrastructure is the largest City-owned and operated asset.
Over 5,660 lane km
500 km bike lanes, multi-use trails and off-road trails
269 bridges and culvert structures
  • The City's cycling network includes approximately 500 kilometres of on-road bike lanes, boulevard multi-use trails, off-road trails, and “bicycle friendly” signed roadway. Through the Cycling Master Plan, the City plans to develop more than 900 kilometres of on and off-road cycling routes in the next 20 years.