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To provide a customer-focused transit service that offers safe, accessible, and efficient transportation options for all citizens.

This service is provided by:

  • Operations - Responsible for all daily on-street service operations and Transit Operator recruitment and training
  • Maintenance - Responsible for fleet purchases, ongoing fleet maintenance, daily cleaning and service inspections
  • Business Development - The five teams in this group include Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Service Development (Transit Planning, Scheduling, Data and Infrastructure Management) and Revenue and Fare Media
  • Business Systems - Responsible for business processes and transit information technology systems
  • Transit Enforcement Services - a section of the Corporate Services Department educates, informs and provides a safe environment for customers and employees
Mississauga’s transit system is changing to better serve those who live and work in the city. The organization is striving to earn the business of new customers and to enhance the value it delivers to existing customers.

Interesting facts about this service:

  • Mississauga purchased the local transit service in 1974. At that time only eight routes operated with 54 buses and carried over four million customers. Today MiWay operates a total of 81 routes with 468 buses and customers board a MiWay bus over 54 million times per year;
  • There are approximately 3,400 MiWay bus stops and 930 bus shelters (September 2016);
  • Weekday passenger boardings increased from 177,737 in 2014 to 182,422 (annual average including seasonal variation) in 2015 (2.6 per cent growth);
MiWay service growth will provide an increase of 45,000 additional service hours in 2017
  • Revenue ridership currently up almost 2.4 per cent since 2015;
  • During peak periods, a maximum of 362 buses are on-street. At off-peak periods, a minimum of 189 are servicing routes (September 2016); MiWay is the third largest municipal transit service in Ontario; after the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and OC Transpo in Ottawa.