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To provide a customer-focused transit service that offers safe, accessible, and efficient transportation options for all citizens.

This service is provided by:

  • Operations - Responsible for all daily on-street service operations and Transit Operator recruitment and training
  • Maintenance - Responsible for fleet purchases, ongoing fleet maintenance, daily cleaning and service inspections
  • Business Development - The five teams in this group include Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Service Development (Transit Planning, Scheduling, Data and Infrastructure Management) and Revenue and Fare Media
  • Business Systems - Responsible for business processes and transit information technology systems
  • Transit Enforcement Services - a section of the Corporate Services Department educates, informs and provides a safe environment for customers and employees

Interesting facts about this service:

1.48 million MiWay service hours
  • Mississauga purchased the local transit service in 1974. At that time only eight routes operated with 54 buses and carried over four million customers. Today MiWay operates a total of 81 routes with 468 buses and customers board a MiWay bus over 54 million times per year;
  • There are approximately 3,400 MiWay bus stops and 930 bus shelters (September 2016);
  • Weekday passenger boardings increased from 177,737 in 2014 to 182,422 (annual average including seasonal variation) in 2015 (2.6 per cent growth);
45,000 additional service hours for new and expanded bus routes
  • Revenue ridership currently up almost 2.4 per cent since 2015;
  • During peak periods, a maximum of 362 buses are on-street. At off-peak periods, a minimum of 189 are servicing routes (September 2016); MiWay is the third largest municipal transit service in Ontario; after the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and OC Transpo in Ottawa.