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The governing body of the City of Mississauga is City Council. It consists of the Mayor and councillors, one from each of the City's eleven wards. Members of Council are elected by residents to a four-year term of office. Click on the images below to visit Mayor's Office and Ward 1 through 11 home pages.

Mayor & Council Mayor McCallion - click to view Mayor's Office home page Jim Tovey - click to view Ward 1 home page Patricia Mullin - click to view Ward 2 home page Chris Foneseca - click to view Ward 3 home page Frank Dale - click to view Ward 4 home page Bonnie Crombie - click to view Ward 5 home page Ron Starr - click to view Ward 6 home page Nando Iannicca - click to view Ward 7 home page Katie Mahoney - click to view Ward 8 home page Pat Saito - click to view Ward 9 home page Sue McFadden - click to view Ward 10 home page George Carlson - click to view Ward 11 home page

Learn About the Role of Local Government in Our Community

Now is the time for residents, especially our youth, to connect with their elected officials and learn about the role that local government plays in our community.

Have a look at one of our recent videos.  We’re now streaming even more committees of Council online to give you even greater access to your local government.