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Heritage Planning

Heritage Planning enables Mississauga residents to identify, protect, conserve and celebrate Mississauga's cultural heritage. The Ontario Heritage Act sets the criteria for heritage designation and the process for proposing changes to heritage properties. Designation aims to prevent properties from demolition and inappropriate changes. Heritage Planning staff make recommendations to the City's Heritage Advisory Committee. This committee makes recommendations to City Council who then make the final decisions on designations, changes and demolitions.

Please be advised that, because the cultural heritage status of individual properties is available online, the City will no longer provide letters confirming their status ("conveyance" or "compliance" letters) as of July 1, 2018.

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Protected properties
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Designation of heritage properties acknowledges a property's value to a community. Designation also helps to ensure the conservation of these important places for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. The Ontario Heritage Act allows for recognition of:
  • Individual designated properties
  • Collections of properties that together have a special character i.e. Heritage Conservation Districts that are managed by district plans
  • "Listed" properties are ones that have cultural heritage value but have not yet been fully reviewed for possible designation.

Mississauga has about 100 designated properties. There are also two heritage conservation districts: Meadowvale Village and Old Port Credit Village. Mississauga also has thousands of listed properties.

Heritage goes beyond 19th century farmhouses; it includes bridges, trees, landscape features and modern architecture. For example, the gas station at 1212 Southdown Rd. is designated for its design value - it is a classic 1960s "Googie" architecture.

See Designation Criteria

See gallery of designated properties

Cultural Landscapes
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The City of Mississauga is a leader in identifying cultural landscapes; it was the first city in Ontario to propose a Heritage Conservation District and to implement a Cultural Landscape Inventory. [download]

Cultural landscapes are settings that enhance community vibrancy, aesthetic quality, distinctiveness, sense of history and/or sense of place. Cultural landscapes and features include historic settlements, agricultural, industrial, urban, residential, civic and natural areas; parks; scenic views; scenic roadways; bridges; and wall formations. Areas within Mississauga which have been identified as cultural heritage landscapes are listed on the City's Heritage Register. See Register.

What is the heritage status of my property?
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Learn more about the heritage of your property by finding it on our database: and view selecting the "heritage" tab.

The inventory of all properties on the City of Mississauga's Municipal Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest, including undesignated properties and properties designated under Parts IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act, is also available as a single document, updated quarterly.

My property is listed or designated.
What does this mean?

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If you apply for a City building permit and your property is listed on the City's Heritage Register, it will be flagged in the building or development application process. Building permits require review from Heritage Planning. Should your application include demolition, it would require a heritage property application and 60 days notice to Council. The 60 days is legislated by the Province of Ontario to allow time for Council to consider heritage designation.

If your property is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, a heritage permit is needed to make any changes to the protected characteristics of the property. Heritage designated properties are eligible for the City's annual matching grant program; this grant helps owners to conserve, repair and/or restore heritage characteristics.

Heritage Property Application
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There are several steps to altering a heritage property. A completed heritage property application form must be signed by the property owner and include supporting material, usually an accepted Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) by a qualified heritage consultant. The HIA:
  1. Provides research related to the property's cultural heritage value.
  2. Documents the history and physical aspects of the property.
  3. Rationalizes how the property would be conserved or mitigated through the development process.

The terms of reference for a Heritage Impact Assessment are available here. For properties with Cultural Landscape status only please use these terms of reference.

Heritage property applications may also require a conservation plan. The terms of reference are available here. [download]

Applications must adhere to Parks Canada's Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Places in Canada and, if applicable, the heritage conservation district plan.

Meadowvale Village Heritage Conservation District Plan [download]

Old Port Credit Village Heritage Conservation District Plan [download]

Reference lists of heritage consultants, architects, engineers and contractors are available by request. Please also visit CAHP.

To more fully understand the process and timelines, please also see:
Heritage Property Application 2020 Deadlines [download]
Heritage Property Application Guideline [download]
Heritage Property Application By-law [download]

For guidance on your restoration project, see: Owning a Heritage Property

Please note, there is no fee for a heritage property application.

Designated Heritage Property Grant Program
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Deadline: March 27, 2020 by 4:30 pm

The City of Mississauga offers matching grants for the conservation, repair and/or restoration of property designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Grants from $500 to $5000 are available to eligible work pertaining to heritage attributes. Grants from $500 to $10,000 are available for structural work. Funding is limited and allotted once per calendar year. Projects must commence subsequent to the application submission and be complete by early fall of the same year.

Projects may include conservation, reconstruction or restoration of architectural elements, or restoration of structural soundness. If you are interested in applying please read the guidelines below to verify your eligibility and then click the Apply Now link to complete the application. If you have any questions regarding the application process please email them to: or call 905-615-3200 Ext. 5476.

2020 Designated Heritage Property Grant Program Guidelines [download]

All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the information session to hear about the grant process, the requirements, tips for success and to ask questions.

Apply Now

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