When heritage approval is required

Most renovation, construction or demolition projects on heritage properties require approval from the City. This approval is required to help protect the cultural heritage value and interest of the property.

Below are general guidelines for when you may need heritage approval. You must contact the City to confirm whether heritage approval is required for your specific project. Email heritage.planning@mississauga.ca or call 905-615-3200 ext. 4061.

Designated Heritage Property

You need heritage approval from the City to make any of these alterations on an individually designated heritage property:

  • A change to windows and doors, or the addition of new window and door openings
  • A change in roofing materials
  • Facade replacement
  • Masonry repairs or replacement, including painting of unpainted masonry
  • Removal or building of additions, including accessory buildings or structures
  • Placement of exterior heating or cooling systems
  • Addition of skylights
  • Removal and/or installation of porches and verandahs
  • Changes to significant landscape features

You don’t need heritage approval from the City for these alterations:

  • Standard maintenance of features such as gutters and downspouts
  • Re-roofing in the same materials

Heritage Conservation District

If you own a designated heritage property that’s located in a Heritage Conservation District, you need to check your Heritage District Plan to find out what alterations need heritage approval:

Listed Heritage Property

You don’t need approval from the City to make alterations to a listed heritage property. However, a Heritage Impact Assessment may be required.

You do need to give the City 60 days’ notice if you are demolishing a structure on a listed heritage property. During the 60-day notice period, the City can designate the property under the Ontario Heritage Act which prevents its demolition.