How to prepare your heritage application

If you do need to apply for heritage approval from the City, there are a few things you need to do before you apply.

Hire a heritage consultant

A qualified heritage professional is recommended to help you prepare a clear, comprehensive and professional application. You can find a local heritage professional on the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals website.

All projects must meet the City’s requirements, Park Canada’s Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Places in Canada, and the Heritage Conservation District Plan if applicable.

Discuss your project with the City

Contact Heritage Planning to find out what the specific requirements are for your application, including which supporting documents and drawings you’ll need. Email or call 905-615-3200 ext. 4061.

Start your planning application at the same time, if required.

Gather supporting documents and drawings

Your heritage application must include relevant supporting information, such as:

  • A site plan drawing and survey showing the location of the proposed work on the Designated Property
  • A statement of the proposed scope of work
  • Architectural, engineering and landscape design drawings of the proposed work showing materials, dimensions and extent of the work
  • Written specifications for the proposed work
  • Materials, samples and specifications of the proposed work
  • Photographs showing the existing building or landscape condition
  • Documentation pertaining to the proposal, including archival photographs, pictures or plans of similarly styled buildings in the community
  • A Heritage Impact Assessment prepared by qualified architect licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario or a Heritage Consultant
  • A heritage conservation plan prepared by a qualified architect and/or engineer licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario or heritage consultant specializing in the subject heritage resource

For applications to demolish a Listed Heritage Property, only a Heritage Impact Assessment is required to support your application.

If you are planning an alteration that has an impact on the built form or landscape, you need a Heritage Impact Assessment. The study should include:

  • Research related to the property’s cultural heritage value
  • The history and physical aspects of the property
  • How the property would be conserved or mitigated through the development process

It must adhere to the City’s HIA terms of reference.

If your property is in a cultural heritage landscape only, then please refer to the Cultural Heritage Landscape HIA terms of reference.

A Conservation Plan is a plan to manage, protect, and preserve the heritage attributes and integrity of cultural heritage resources.

It must adhere to the City’s Conservation Plan terms of reference.

Submit your application

Complete the heritage property application and submit it by email to

Your application must:

  • Be signed by the property owner
  • Include required supporting documents and drawings