What is a heritage property

Heritage properties can include built resources like historic houses or bridges, or heritage conservation districts and cultural heritage landscapes. Heritage also includes archaeological resources.

The Ontario Heritage Act defines how a heritage property is identified, designated, protected and conserved. It also gives municipal councils the power to designate individual heritage properties and heritage conservation districts.

You can check the heritage status of your property in the City’s property information database.

Types of heritage status

Archaeological resources include artifacts or physical evidence of past human use or activity that is of cultural value or interest.

Properties in Mississauga located close to existing and former watercourses such as Credit River or Lake Ontario, or other previously identified archaeological sites are considered to have archaeological potential.

Learn more about the City’s first Archaeological Management Plan.

A cultural heritage landscape is identified as having cultural heritage value or interest by a community, including indigenous communities, under the Ontario Heritage Act.

They are geographical areas that may have been changed by human activity over time. A Cultural Heritage Landscape may include buildings, structures, spaces, views, archaeological sites or natural elements.

Mississauga has identified 28 cultural landscapes. Information about these cultural landscapes is available in the reports below:

An individual property can be designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act if it meets the criteria for cultural heritage value or interest.

The City can pass a by-law to designate a property. This designation helps conserve the property’s cultural heritage value or interest. In Mississauga, there are approximately 300 designated heritage properties.

A collection of properties that together have a special character can be designated a Heritage Conservation District under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

All properties that are within a Heritage Conservation District are designated heritage properties. The area is managed by a Heritage District Plan. In Mississauga, there are two heritage conservation districts:

Provide feedback and learn more about the Streetsville Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Feasibility Study and Plan.

Listed heritage properties have been identified because they have cultural heritage value or interest. A listed property has not yet been reviewed for designation.

Mississauga has more than one thousand listed properties.

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